Hizbullah back in the news

The New York Times runs a piece on U.S. efforts to have Europe list Hizbullah as a terrorist organization. According to the article,

The Europeans are not solidly opposed to listing Hezbollah as a terrorist group, the [unnamed U.S. and European] officials said. The Netherlands, Italy and Poland support the Bush administration’s view, several officials said, while Germany and Britain believe the issue is moot unless the French change their minds. One European diplomat said other countries were “hiding behind” France on the issue.

Well, of course. This is a time to remind readers that this website is loaded with my past writings on Hizbullah. For a general account, see my entry on the movement from the Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World. Another good introduction is the article entitled “Hizbullah: The Calculus of Jihad.” If you click here, you’ll turn up search results for the entire site. I wrote most of these pieces in the 1990s, but they stand up pretty well.