Assigning Ivory Towers

I’ve already given a couple of recent examples of how my book Ivory Towers on Sand is assigned in university courses. Here are two more.

The first is from a Georgetown course offered last fall, called “The Middle East and the Political Economy of Development,” taught by Stephen J. King. (He’s author of a book on economic reform in Tunisia.) King assigned one chapter of the book (“Islam Obscured”), along with critical reviews by Greg Gause and Rex Brynen. Syllabus here (pdf).

The second is from a graduate course at Georgia State University, called “Politics of the Middle East and North Africa.” It’s taught by Michael Herb, author of a book on Middle Eastern monarchies. Herb assigned the entire book, along with the Gause review and the introduction to Edward Said’s Orientalism. The syllabus also sends students to my website, as well as the websites of Juan Cole and Campus Watch. Syllabus here.

Again, I’ve no idea how Ivory Towers is taught in these classes, but the main point is that it’s being taught. Are you teaching the book? Drop me a line, and I might mention your course here.