Tanya Reinhart: moonbat prophetess

Although Israel-basher Tanya Reinhart and I have been on the same faculty at Tel Aviv University for decades, I’ve never met her. Still, I refrained from going after her, out of institutional loyalty. A university is a community of scholars with a collective interest, and it isn’t served by internecine battles.

Happily, Reinhart recently retired, so the abstract institutional tie no longer binds us. I take full advantage of the fact in a new Sandstorm entry, where I follow the twisted and perverse logic that led her to make this prediction: Ariel Sharon would never carry out his Gaza disengagement plan. Why? It was a hoax, of course. Now that Sharon’s done it, she still can’t believe it, so how does she explain it? Click here for the full story, and prepare to enter… the Twilight Zone.