Case of the missing Stiglitz

 I ordered my copy of Rashid Khalidi’s new book, The Iron Cage: The Story of the Palestinian Struggle for Statehood, from At Amazon, the image of the book cover features the obligatory photo of Israel’s separation barrier (or “apartheid wall” as its critics call it), and an endorsment that goes like this:

“Rashid Khalidi’s extraordinary book is enormously relevant for our times, especially in light of America’s growing involvement in the Middle East.”
JOSEPH STIGLITZ, winner of the Nobel Prize

I made a mental note about the advance praise on the cover of the book, something that’s not very usual.

When the book arrived, my eye immediately jumped: the Stiglitz endorsement is missing. I got curious, so I ran his words through Google, and they turn out to be praise for Khalidi’s previous book, Resurrecting Empire. In fact, that exact endorsement figures front-and-center on the paperback cover of Resurrecting Empire.

As far as I can tell, Stiglitz hasn’t praised Khalidi’s latest book at all. So it’s a good thing the publisher, Beacon Press, has dropped him from the published version of the cover. It’s not a good thing that at all the major points of sale on the Internet, buyers will think that Nobelist Stiglitz has endorsed Khalidi’s Iron Cage. Beacon Press should act now to recall the misleading cover image it previously disseminated to Amazon and others. Khalidi should insist on it.