Khalidi-PLO, for email subscribers

This short post is to alert rss and email subscribers (via Feedburner) that there are several important updates to my earlier post, “Khalidi of the PLO.” One brings a passage from a 1978 New York Times report from Beirut, noting that Rashid Khalidi “works for the P.L.O.” Another uncovers a passage from a 1976 Los Angeles Times report, also from Beirut, describing Khalidi as “a PLO spokesman.”

The last update, the most compelling, unearths a 1979 radio documentary on the PLO featuring Khalidi, in which he is repeatedly identified as an official PLO spokesperson in the Palestinian news service, Wafa. The interview with him was conducted in PLO headquarters in Beirut. The documentary may be heard in its entirety.

To read these updates, revisit the post here.