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If you’re a subscriber to Sandbox, you may be interested to learn that I’ve taken to mini-blogging on my Facebook fan page. I won’t distribute or alert you to these brief insights via email or syndication—they’re too frequent—so you have two options for following them.

The first, for Facebook users, is to become a “fan,” here. My posts will show up in your stream, and you can also post comments on them. (Sometimes I comment back.) The second, for those who don’t use Facebook (or aren’t my “fans”), is to visit my homepage whenever you want to catch up. There’s a Facebook widget embedded at about the middle of the page, with all the latest posts.

Whenever I have something more substantial to say, I’ll continue to say it at Sandbox, and you’ll received it in the format you’ve chosen.

Below are three sample Facebook posts from the past week. Visit my Facebook page for many more.

  • Stephen Walt advises Obama on Israel: “To succeed, Obama must use his bully pulpit to explain to the American people that the two-state solution is by far the best outcome for Israel and that time is running out.” Uh, why not explain that to the Israeli people? Walt doesn’t get it: Obama forgot to reassure the Israeli public, who think he’s just another Hussein. Israeli opinion is the key to peace, and Obama lost it.
  • I resent it when opponents of Israel’s existence criticize Israeli policy in prime outlets, but aren’t identified as deniers of Israel’s right to exist. George Bisharat, a law professor, endorses the Goldstone report in the LAT. But we aren’t told that Bisharat supports the dismantling of Israel. LAT readers should know that these are Goldstone’s boosters: they want to erase Israel, not fix it.
  • Of course Tony Blair has backed up Yale’s suppression of the Muhammad cartoons in a book about them, to be published by Yale U Press. The US operations of Blair’s personal foundation are based at Yale, and he collects over $200k per annum to co-teach a Yale course. Blair is in bed with Yale, and if Yale says day is night, Tony will don pajamas. As usual, just follow the money.