What about Menachem Begin?

This coming Tuesday night, at 6pm Eastern time, Mosaic will offer an online screening of the documentary film Upheaval: The Journey of Menachem Begin, directed by Jonathan Gruber. Not only is this insightful film well worth watching (view the trailer here). If you watch it at Mosaic, you can witness a three-way debate on the exact place of Begin in the pantheon of Israel’s founders. Participants: Meir Soloveichik, a great admirer of Begin; Avi Shilon, a great biographer of Begin; and Martin Kramer, a humble historian who will play the skunk at the party. 

Free to Mosaic subscribers; to non-subscribers, $30, which includes a year’s subscription. Since that’s where I publish my best writing, you might as well ante up now, if you haven’t already. Register for the screening at this link.

Update: You can view and read the exchange at this link.